Kwa g36c 2gx upgrades for windows

The kwa g36c is a replica of the famous compact version of the g36 rifle. It was firing at about 300fps when it was chronod at the weekend. It is extremely easy to change the way that your airsoft gun looks and feels with our large assortment of awesome airsoft gun external parts. Oct 05, 20 hi i was just wondering if i can upgrade my we g18c by putting new internals in it from a better or different company and if so any ideas on where i could get them. Kwa 2gx gearbox kwa 2g high performance bucking adjustable hopup semi and full auto select fire fiber reinforced handguard with battery compartment removable carry handle full metal alloy flat top receivers adjustable front and rear sights high speed calibration 6 position collapsible stock. Oct 18, 2010 i have used my src g36c gen 2 a few times, its a great airsoft gun, but its lacking a little bit on its range. The kwa g36c comes as solidly built as the marui version and includes many of the same features. Shop being kwa usas neighbor and one of the biggest airsoft retailers. Kwa 2gx gearbox kwa 2g high performance bucking adjustable hopup semi and full auto select fire fiber reinforced handguard with battery compartment removable carry handle full metal alloy flat top.

Airsoft gun external parts airsoft gun accessories. I was using high caps but the gun wasnt feeding right then i switched to kwa 120 mid caps and i had zero problems with it. In my and other kwa owners experience, madbull barrels for whatever reason do not work well with kwa hop up units. So use the included mag and buy more, you go through ammo quick. May 05, 2017 issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Aug 17, 2010 i recently bought a kwa g36c used, but the previous owner swapped the springs to allow for cqb play. Feed it on lipos and raw meat and watch the world turn white at your hand. We g18c upgrademod airsoft society community for airsoft. The gearbox has been modified to fire at a lower velocity to allow users to play in most indoor cqb environments. Ksc g18c fullysemi auto gbb pistol metal slide airsoft. Kwa g36c vs ares umarex g36c aeg automatic electric. Everything appears to work perfectly, however i dont have any g36 mags to properly test it i can confirm that it does shoot by just putting a bb down the barrel.

I normally would just use a v3 guide, but the g36c gearbox differs. Get the best deals on kwa electric airsoft rifles when you shop the largest online selection at. Use of higher voltage batteries can cause failures and will negate any warranty implied or otherwise. I highly suggest you clean and polish your barrel before making any purchases of perceived upgrades. One piece may work great in one aeg and not fit in another aeg. It has a side folding stock, stackable magazines, sling attachment points, and a carry handle with rails for mounting optics. Kwa s first aeg was the g36c, which has proven itself in the airsoft market time and time again. What sets this g36 apartfrom similar style airsoft guns on the market is its superior internal design, with a reinforced and lipo ready 2gx version 3 gearbox. Mimicking its real steel counterpart, the g36c is made of polymer, yet is ultra durable with very. Discontinued kwa full metal km16 sr12 2gx aeg airsoft rifle. Right now its all stock internals with a foregrip and redgreen dot. The kwa g36c ris is the most highly sought after g36 model in airsoft to date. Welcome to lock and load airsoft the largest airsoft.

The entire gun is a dull matte black color that doesnt reflect light nearly as much as the glossy black finish common on some kwa pistols. Kwa full metal km16br battle rifle m16 airsoft aeg w 2gx. They make great upgrade guns and arent even too bad out of the box. In a time when airsoft development is focused on external replications and logos, kwa has been advancing airsoft technologies with the introduction of the ns2 gas blowback system and the 2gx. I was thinking of getting a tight bore barrel, a 6. In terms of accuracy and range, this g36c will blow your mind. While there is more regular compatibility by jumping to a g36, its kwa which tries to do its own specs. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about coupons and special promotions. Ive got an umarex one, a few upgrades, but i want something better, which is the best and why. We are the first and largest airsoft retailer and distributor in the n. The kwa full metal km16 sr12 airsoft gun is a beauty. Dec 21, 2008 i bought my ares just to upgrade it, try putting in a mosfet and rewiring the mechbox wiring that goes to the battery with deans connectors, with the wiring using gauge 18 low resistence wires and deans you can pick up the fps by 3 or 4 fps alone and then when you rewire with a mosfet then you can put in a litheum polymer battery which will give you an insane rate of fire.

Included with the gun is a 470rd highcapacity magazine. The 2gx gearbox was designed to be a foundation for which all future kwa airsoft electric guns aeg would be based upon. This website or its thirdparty tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. I even tried bringing it back with numerous upgrades and replacements such as scopes and silencers, bolts etc and a new paint job. Kwa black 2gx km4 cqb 370 fps full metal automatic electric airsoft m4 m16 rifle. Kwa g36 upgrade and repair using owners selected parts part. The effect this bucking has on the bb is similar to a baseball pitchers four seam fastball, straight backwards spin for. This kwa m4 offers a full metal alloy body making it durable and giving it an extremely realistic look and feel. It has a side folding stock, stackable magazines, sling. Kwa g36c vs ares umarex g36c sign in to follow this. I was wondering if there were any good upgrades to do to a stock kwa sr10 that would increase its effective range and or accuracy.

By offering products that are not only cost effective, but also reliable in performance and solid in build quality, kwa airsoft has advanced the development of airsoft into a nonlethal training alternative for military and law enforcement agencies around the world. Fast dispatch order before 2pm for same day dispatch. The 2gx gearbox plus a better build quality than the current combat machines of the time. Its reputation for quality, performance, and reliability makes kwa a recognized leader in professional airsoft products. From the website, kwa sr10 2gx gearbox is advertised as lipo ready. Covid19 updates online store remains open, up to 710 day shipping delay click. Kwa g36 troubleshootingdisassembly before upgrades. The gun is made with durable polymer material that can withstand punishment in the battlefield.

While it is claimed that most kwa internals are tokyo marui spec this is only partially true. All these features are only topped by the 380 fps it shoots out of the box. If you were to buy any of the top brands, prometheus, madbull, pdi, systema, edgi or tm, whether it was a 6. G36c, sig 550, sig 551, sig 552, ak47, ak47s, ak beta spetsnaz. So i just got my first airsoft gun, a kwa g36c, and was looking for a little advice on upgrading it. The kwa 2gx and firefly buckings have split mounds that give the same or better. On the outside it looks like another m16, but on the inside is where you see the brilliance of the engineering. I already did and i cant get a straight answer, i would believe you could upgrade it since it seems like a v2 gearbox but kwa has proprietary parts, so. Kwa airsoft works with a variety of military, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and training centers. No matter what type of part that you need for your airsoft gun, we most likely carry it. Perform this disassembly at your own risk, performing this will. Kwa is traditionally known for their m series gas blow back pistols, then they came out with their g36 and it was ok. The 2gx hopup and bucking system provide the kwa g36c with elite range, especially when paired with kwa.

The kwa g36c is the first production aeg to utilize a combination of six 9 and 8 mm steel ball bearing bushings to achieve consistency and reliability during demanding conditions. Kwa sr10 modifications archive airsoft iowa official. I had to replace basically everything in the bolt, so after doing so, now it wont feed correctly. Vm4a12018 and before vm4a12019 updated vm4 ronin rn6 pdw 2018 and before vm4 ronin rn6 2019 updated vm4 ronin rn10 sbr 2018 and before vm4 ronin. The entire gun is rock solid, from the full stock to the flash hider, there is no wobble whatsoever. We can also supply these with either the standard small hand guard, suitable for mini batteries, or the large hand guard that will take a larger battery pack for allday fun. Kwa aegs are renowned for their worldclass performance and exceptional build quality. But the initial releases of the kwa cqr models were fantastic.

Kwa km4 ris full metal railed m4 airsoft aeg rifle w 2gx. The kwa 2gx hop up bucking is the new standard equipment hop up bucking for kwa aegs. Remember to check also post on facebook when commenting to qualify for the giveaways. I ported the piston head that was in my kwa pre 2gx g36c. Home kwa airsoft guns kwa 2gx airsoft electric guns find by pricing below 295 2 295 to 324. Which is things to come for all the rest of my airsoft howto videos before i retire. The 2gx internals not only help the gun perform at its best but will also ensure a longer life time over other previous models. The consistent smoothness, straightness, roundness and the quality of the crown determines a barrels accuracy, not its bore. From kwa the g36c is an elite aeg from kwa that is designed to be the most competitive g36c in the aeg market. One of my friends gave me his kwa g36 to work on, after he was fraustrated with a local airsoft shop not working on his guns in a timely manner.

Twotone kwa kg36c 2gx airsoft rifle airsoft bb guns. The g36 gewehr36 series of rifles was designed to replace the germany militarys tried and true, but out of date, g3 during the early 1990s. Airsoft aegs and upgrading them for many, the workings of an aeg or automatic electric gun are a mystery. The kr series is a line of highend aegs by kwa which embrace the new trend of keymod rail systems. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. G36 or g36c airsoft guns fire at 300 to 400 fps, depending on the brand. Easily share your publications and get them in front of issuus. Ps4, xbox 360, playstation 3 and pc platforms, call of duty modern warfare, call of. Get the best deals on kwa airsoft guns when you shop the. From reading, i see people use lipo and i also see people recommend not to use lipo on it because of false advertisement.

Also of note is im not sure the gate titan is a dropin like how they advertised for the tk. Is there a guide to install a new spring specifically for the g36c. The kwa km4 ris was designed for high level airsoft players and offers a huge number of factory upgrades and improvements over the standard metal gearbox m4s. The engineering and planning that compiles this gun is as good or better than the tokyo marui version. One of my friends gave me his kwa g36 to work on, after he was fraustrated with a local airsoft shop not working on his guns in a timely. One of the best performing, most realistic hk g36c cqb compact aeg rifles on. This is kwa s new 2gx version with much stronger internals and a better hop up system with their 2gx hop up bucking. Make offer tokyo marui g36c aeg airsoft used upgrades.

I was wondering if anybody else had any other suggestions for some upgrades to. A major difference between ported and non ported ph is where the air comes from in the intake cycle. Arbiter, kwa makes three mags for the full size kp45 line. Kwa km4 ris full metal railed m4 airsoft aeg rifle w 2gx gearbox. I recently got this in a trade, but i just prefer ar style aegs. This article is meant to clear that up, and give the. Title says it all, i want to sell or trade my kwa g36c. Kwa g36 troubleshootingdisassembly before upgrades non. Despite the 247mm barrel, i can effectively engage targets from over 175ft with it. We carry stocks, rails, grips, conversion kits, and so much more. If you have experience or witness the kwa guns with 2gx on lipos, please share your experience with it. With the advent of the newer 3gx gearbox itself an evolution of the 2gx kwa has departed even farther from the tm spec design and many internal parts are unique and proprietary enough to cause issues should you try to source alternatives.

Airsoft upgrades are not as simple as plug and play video games upgrades. This guide should work with all known brands of g36 s, as long as it is not an lpeg. Pdi expensive and guarder inexpensive barrels work well. This bucking provides two areas of contact for the bb for a more balanced backward spin. All three will fit in your gun, but the tactical and match will stick out of the bottom of your mag well as the mag well on those pistols is a little longer. Kwa km4 kr14 aeg keymod airsoft rifle airsoft station. Although the gun was fantastic for cqb action i have found that longer ranges and accuracy were a little disappointing. A g36c with the same awesome internals as their m4 series. Feb 11, 2014 kwa s first aeg was the g36c, which has proven itself in the airsoft market time and time again. It is also possible to modify the barrel or other parts of the weapon to make it fire pellets faster or slower. I would say no to the kwa g36 because of proprietary parts. The kg36 rifle has reached prominence in recent years for its reputation for reliability with the german army and special operations forces all over the world. I used a drill press to assure i did not hit the back side of the ph where the oring seals on the compression cycle. Overall, if your looking for a full auto aeg with amazing range.

Included rail mounts allow for players to attach accessories on the sides and a top rail extends to allow an optic to be placed. I was wondering if i would be able to take off the flash hider, because i want to get a tight bore barrel, and add a silencer. The rifle is available from many different brands that use standardized ammo and batteries to construct their own takes on the same basic design. Kwas first aeg was the g36c, which has proven itself in the airsoft market time and time again.

The name of the topic is reasons to avoid kwa not kwa sucks and is the worse ever, or what is your opinion of kwa. Kwa full metal km16br battle rifle m16 airsoft aeg w 2gx gearbox our promise. Comment or answer questions for a chance to win awesome prizes. Before their gearboxes started having problems they were the kid to beat on the block. It also comes standard with an m120 spring and rpm motor for speed and power exceeding industry standards. I even tried bringing it back with numerous upgrades and replacements such as scopes and silencers, bolts etc and a new. Kwa sr10 modifications archive airsoft iowa official forums.

Based on the innovative german assault rifle, the kwa g36c 2gx aeg is an excellent option for milsim players seeking a unique aeg. Idz future soldier conversion kit for g36 series airsoft gbb aeg rifle by wetech. Find great deals on ebay for airsoft g36 when you shop the largest online selection at. This is important because firing ranges and particular engagements often have rules limiting muzzle velocity. Kwa cqr aeg features the well proven 2gx gearbox that provides reliable performance with the quality that is expected from kwa. Hk kwa g36c aeg, 2nd generation electric air soft guns. With an exceptional 45day factory warranty and lifetime tech support offered directly through kwa, we feel most qualified to be your premier kwa dealer.

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